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Welcome to my blog.

New Year Notes..

It’s a new year; which means new goals, and new milestones to reach. I feel like as people we all come into contact with dealing with the mindset of being content, with getting ourselves in such a comfortable state that we forget how much potential we actually have. This year I want to continue toContinue reading “New Year Notes..”

Ripped Page #2

“That’s how I knew that I was different.” – Nipsey Hussle To start, I just want to say I feel like everyone is born to be great. We are all made and created to be so different, and to stand out with our unique qualities that God has given us. Living in this world youContinue reading “Ripped Page #2”

Ripped Page #1

It’s crazy how life works. Seems like sometimes it takes a century just to find out who we really are. As long as it may take I can’t argue that it does feel good once you find that one thing you’re meant to do. Whenever you find that one thing you can do and itContinue reading “Ripped Page #1”

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