The Paper Ball By the Trash

Going from my last blog this this one is going to be kind of a jump. Not all my blogs will be in order, because I base them all off my thoughts at the given moment. This blog homies.. Is about relationships. Not necessarily about love or feelings, but more about connections with people in general. I feel like these days it is hard to trust people, loyalty is rare to come about. This is why I keep my circle small and move different than how I use to.

Shot By: @Jakianparks

Solid people? What is that these days. I’m not sure if it’s me getting older and wiser, or if certain things just stand out to me more than they use to. I peep game like crazy these days. I have so many people that come into my life that are so temporary, they’re here one day but gone the next. I can’t put all the blame on others because I can go ghost on someone real quick, but most of the time it’s because I’ve seen what you’re really about or your intentions.

My occupation (tattoo artist) brings a lot of attention to myself. Everyone wants to get tatted or talk tattoos. I love it and I love my job. I think it’s dope that I have so many people that admire my work that they want to get tattooed by me. It’s a true blessing from God. I have met so many great people throughout my career and have made some dope friendships it’s crazy, but at the same time I spot out who’s only sticking around to reap the benefits if that makes sense.

Dating… Someone HELP me! It’s something about girls and tattoos. I love them both! (I literally laughed so hard typing that.) But seriously dating has been kind of tough for me. It’s like when you’ve been through so much you start to keep ya guards up at all times. Not going to lie my trust is pretty low at the moment, but this is what I mean by reaping the benefits. There are times I’ll be talking to a girl and I’m thinking we could possibly have potential until…. BOOM! She asks the question. (drum roll people) “So when are you going to tat me up?” This is one of the hardest questions for me to accept from somebody I am actually talking to because, *A. They could be bringing it up because they know that’s my passion and something I love to do. Or it could be *B. That was their goal from the very start. I normally down play the question or answer briefly and change the subject. This is my exact reason why I don’t just fuck with everybody. It’s confusing at times. I know other people experience the same behavior due to what they do or maybe it’s something they have. How I handle it, is I just take a step back and observe how the person actually treats me, if they are always canceling when we make plans, or if they are willing to go out of their way for you the same way you would. I know I suck at the whole observation thing so half of the time I just give up and leave the person on read. ( I laughed at that too.)

In conclusion, picking the company you want to keep around you is a part of life. My best advice is not too over think it, just kind of sit back and actually watch how people move. You can tell a lot about a persons actions. Also if you need to move solo, then move solo. It took me a minute to realize you don’t always have to have someone there 24/7. Hell I actually like and need my alone time to stay sane. Just be patient and let God work. He’ll put the people around you that should be there.

Shot By: @Jakianparks

I ain’t stressing over nobody that don’t give a fuck about me!

Kevin Gates

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