New Year Notes..

It’s a new year; which means new goals, and new milestones to reach. I feel like as people we all come into contact with dealing with the mindset of being content, with getting ourselves in such a comfortable state that we forget how much potential we actually have. This year I want to continue to prosper and grow each day, not only in my craft but also as a person in whole.

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Last year I feel like I accomplished a lot when it came to my career. It was my first year being a business owner, I tatted a NBA Allstar, and many opportunities fell in line for me. So I asked myself.. What are you going to do this new year? How can you top last year? All of these questions started buzzing in my head. The only answer I had was to make the most of every opportunity thrown my way. To go harder each day I’m blessed with. I just want to continue to be a dope ass tattoo artist that people really fuck with as well as spread inspiration all over.

Being a blogger is hard dawg… But I told myself I’m a do better this year and stay more consistent with it. If you’re like me I’m sure it’s hard for you to find time in between working your ass off every day and coming home writing a blog. Sometimes when I get off of work my mind is so far out of my body that I have to just take a minute to come back to this world. Being a tattoo artist I’m focused on the same piece for multiple hours so I get lost in my work. This year I also want to start getting into youtube a little more, and building my following up so my brand can continue to grow. I swear there is so much on my list that I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to accomplish all of it, but I’m determined and I know I’m going to make it happen. To stay hungry we must push ourselves past limits we didn’t think we could ever reach, and that’s what I plan on doing.

This year I also recommend falling back and seeing who your real friends are. I personally keep my circle small and tight nit. Sometimes there are, or can be people within your circle that is holding you back from your true potential. I’m not saying drop your day ones and forget about everyone. I’m just saying only keep those around who are helping you grow and are truly in your corner. This past year I started making and building more friendships with people you would categorize as successful. I’m a strong believer that if you keep money and success around you then you will too want money and success. Making friends like that is also a great way to gain wisdom, sit back and listen to how they talk, or how they run their business. Never get to the point to where you think you are too good to take in any new information.

I certainly hope this new year brings you positive vibes and prosperous goals, which leads to great opportunities and more mula ($$). I will continue to stay focused on what I have planned to accomplish this year, and I hope and pray you do the same. Just continue to pray to God, put in that work, and this will be an amazing year. Let us have a toast to getting to the bag all 2021!

{Shot by: its.thesweetlife}

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